Dreaming of crabs

What does dreaming of crabs mean? How about dreaming of crabs? Dreaming of crabs has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Crabs with open teeth and claws running across many sections, and also used to dig holes under the sand, appear in the dream, indicating anything that can suck the dreamer's energy and energy dry. Dreaming of crabs indicates that the dreamer may meet a rival in love, or in business. To dream of a crab pinching yourself may foretell that you will be harmed by a villain, warning you to be careful and beware. To dream of a crab rampage is a sign that your fortune is improving and you are about to overcome the difficulties in front of you. To dream of a cooked crab is a good thing, symbolizing that you have conquered the adversary who was working against you. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation To dream of eating crabs is auspicious. For the image of armor, and for the dissolution of the omen. The military general in the army for the solution of the armor, the scholar should take the test to the yellow armor. The dream of eating its feet in the countryside examination is a sign of dissolution. The rest of the illnesses and lawsuits, all the main dissolution. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dreams of kidney and waist crab line. An omen of world chaos and military strength. The Dream Forest Interpretation Crab, the Lord of all diseases dissipated. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Dreaming of yellow armor crab. A dream of sickness and lawsuit will lead to dissolution of marriage. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation Dreaming of a crab swimming in a field. The Lord is disturbed by soldiers and pirates, and must be prevented. The Secretaries of Broken Dreams Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: The crustacean in the dream indicates motherly care, symbolizing the kind of love that defies all odds, and it also indicates distrust and narcissistic emotions. Since the crab has a very special way of advancing, it also indicates ulterior motives or insidiousness in the dream. Psychoanalysis: Seeing crabs in a dream indicates cancer or something similar that has serious harmful effects. Spiritual symbol: The crab is one of the signs of the zodiac (Cancer), which symbolizes the goddess who is in control of everything. Case study of dreaming of crabs I dreamed that I walked to the beach at low tide and picked up the shells left behind by the sea water, which were quite beautiful. As I was picking them up, I suddenly found a live crab on the beach. It went away really fast, and ran away in a flash. (Male, 28 years old) Dream Analysis: Crab in dream means competitor. If you dream of crab, it means that you have met a very competitive rival in love or business, so you should be careful when dealing with your relationship or business. If you dream of crabs crawling horizontally, it means that your luck is gradually improving and difficulties are slowly receding."