Dreaming of crucian carp and catching crucian carp

Dreaming of crucian carp and catching crucian carp what does it mean? How about dreaming of catching crucian carp? The dream of crucian carp and catching crucian carp has a realistic influence and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of crucian carp is a good omen, there will be good luck. If you dream of catching carp, your family will be sick. Dreaming of catching crucian carp, an ominous sign, family members may be sick. If a middle-aged person dreams of catching carp, your luck changes a lot, so show courageous opinion decisions as a wise reform. There may be a change in your place of residence, or beware of disputes about things. The workforce dreamed of catching crucian carp, work-related ideas and do more conservative, silent work more often, although it can be successfully completed, but often a sense of achievement is not strong. To dream of catching a carp indicates that you will seize the opportunity in reality, but you also have to work on your own. Pregnant women dreaming of crucian carp is an auspicious dream, it is a sign of gaining money and getting a son. The stock market dream of catching crucian carp Dreaming of crucian carp, the stock market fall will have the state of turning up. Case study of dreaming of crucian carp and catching crucian carp Dream description: I was at my old house, and from upstairs I saw a giant swimming through the river next to me, and some people and I rushed over to see it. Then many huge carp, black and bigger than a man, swam in the river. We were curious, so we threw food to the fish, and the fish ate it. One fish swam in front of an old wooden door and was blocked, I was worried but saw the fish hit the door with its head and the door bounced back and opened, so it passed through without any problem. The dreamer was attracted by the giant to the river, but accidentally met the crucian carp. The dreamer was attracted by the giant to the river and met the carp by accident. The giant represents a big or remarkable person, probably a former teacher who led the dreamer to the opportunity. Feeding the fish symbolizes the dreamer seizing the opportunity and committing at the right time. Still, there was resistance on the way to success, as the fish was blocked by a door. The old-fashioned wooden door symbolizes that resistance may come from old patterns. Fortunately, the door opened with a bang, and it seems that with a little effort, the door will pass without incident."