Dreaming of cuttlefish

What does dreaming of cuttlefish mean? Is it good to dream of cuttlefish? Dreaming of cuttlefish has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a cuttlefish swimming, there will be a big failure in behavior. If you let out gas in the hallway without thinking, but unexpectedly it is a big sound gas, and was noticed by the crowd. Most of the time it is something embarrassing like this. Dreaming of cuttlefish, this is to indicate that you will fail at work and make your colleagues hate you. To dream of eating octopus or squid meat means you will be swindled, suffer losses or suffer losses. Squid are the smartest fish in the world, and there are almost no examples of them ever being caught while they are alive. When squid sense danger, they squirt out ink to cover themselves. In dreams, the squid symbolizes just the opposite, often symbolizing people's own tainted behavior. Dreaming of a squid squirting out ink and escaping is a sign that you will do something wrong to make yourself notorious. Case study of dreaming of cuttlefish Dream description: I dreamed that there were cuttlefish and goldfish swimming around in a big fish tank, and I saw a beautiful goldfish in that group of goldfish, so I went over to catch that goldfish, and after catching it by hand for a while, I suddenly thought it would be faster to use a small net to get it, so I brought a small net and put it into the fish tank to get this fish, and at this time a person came along next to me. Dream Analysis: Dreaming of cuttlefish foretells that you will make mistakes in your work. It is good that you are fishing for goldfish in the dream, reminding you to treat your work seriously and avoid mistakes."