Dreaming of danting cranes

What does it mean to dream of danting cranes? Is it good to dream of a crane? Dreaming of a crane has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The Danding crane, also called the immortal crane, the fluffy crane, and the Japanese crane, has many names in ancient Chinese literature, such as the "Erya Wing", which calls it an immortal bird, and the "Compendium of Materia Medica", which calls it a fetal bird. The crane is a species of crane, named after the red flesh crown on the top of its head. It is a bird species unique to East Asia, and has a symbolic meaning of good luck, loyalty and longevity in the culture of this region because of its elegant body and distinctive color. To dream of a crane chirping is a sign that the dreamer will be promoted. Dreaming of a crane in the sky is a sign of a disaster, and it is possible that a loved one in the family will die in a crane. A soldier dreaming of a crane foretells that he will go to war. To dream that there is only one Dandilion crane is a sign of separation from a dear one. Candidates dreaming of danling cranes foretells that they will get good results in exams and will get into their favorite schools. A married woman dreaming of a Dandilion Crane in her arms will get pregnant and give birth to a boy. A widow dreaming of a Dandenong crane will keep her dead husband for the rest of her life and will be set up as a chaste woman. A businessman dreaming of a crane will encounter obstacles in doing business. Case study of dreaming of a crane Dream description: I dreamed that a crane flew back and forth with me in a building to take me to my family, and then when I found it, it kept flying over my car, and went back to the car when I told it to, especially obedient, what does this mean? Dream analysis: Dan Ding crane has the symbolism of auspicious longevity, dreaming of Dan Ding crane depends on how the emotions in the dream are, it can be seen that the scene in your dream is very harmonious, it is a good dream, it foretells that you will do everything as you wish and have good health."