Dreaming of dead chickens

What does it mean to dream of dead chickens? How about dreaming of dead chickens? Dreaming of dead chickens has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a dead chicken, good luck will come. Life will be rich and get a lot of help from passers-by. To dream of a dead chicken suggests that love will go well. Although the heart already belongs to, but there is the opposite sex who loves you like crazy, it is inevitable that his infatuation moved. But still, you should categorically refuse is the best policy, love triangle is not fun. A child dreaming of a dead chicken indicates that your luck will fluctuate during this period, so it is better to overcome strength with softness. Dreaming of a dead chicken, this dream implies that you have recently encountered something or someone that you can not accept, you feel very bored and feel that life is full of vitality less things, some bad adaptation. The thing in the world is the survival of the fittest, there is tolerance, adjust your mood properly, so that you have more energy to seize the moment and do a good job of making yourself proud. Dreaming of many dead chickens, pay more attention to the relationship between colleagues, help others is to help themselves. A single nobleman dreaming of many dead chickens has a colorful love life. Personal charm rises, you have the opportunity to fall in love, but often face the problem of choice, there is a risk of hurting others. Those with partners should also be careful to resist external temptations. Graduates dreaming of many dead chickens, the main job search fortune look up, can grasp the opportunity to express themselves, but the mind is a little impatient. To dream of dead chickens and ducks, you will establish friendly relations with people who are highly respected by the people. Old people dreaming of dead chickens and ducks foretells going away, with a partner to go with the auspicious, alone is not good. Single people dreaming of dead chickens and ducks, the main recent marriage, elders will oppose, although in love, but no results. Case study of dreaming of a dead chicken Dream description: At first it seemed to be upstairs in my house but the layout of the building was different from ours, there was a dead chicken covered with blood in a glass bottle at the entrance of the stairs, I noticed it only when someone asked me how much a catty of dead chicken cost, and the person who asked me in the dream I called her second sister (of my in-laws) but I had never seen her, then I saw a red and black snake coming out of a grave in a park with a grave. A red and black snake, I was scared and ran, ran to the side to see a new grave and next to the white trees and white flowers, and paper people, next to the river and white boats, a lot of white things, I was afraid, so I ran back, but from behind another red and black snake, and then I do not know how to see the chicken and then I was very scared and sat in my husband's car and cried, my husband My husband was sitting in front of me, I was crying and told my husband that her second sister scared me with a dead chicken, and I woke up scared when I thought back, I wonder what trouble this dream represents? Zhou Gong dream: If the dreamer is an unmarried person, then the dead chicken that appears in the dream represents the dreamer's love, reflecting that there will be a love triangle, although the dreamer has long had a boyfriend, but now the opposite sex appears but also make you difficult to extricate yourself; black and red snakes suggest to encounter trouble."