Dreaming of dead fish

What does dreaming of dead fish mean? How about dreaming of dead fish? Dreaming of dead fish has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dream of dead fish, an ominous sign, is the opportunity is blocked, everything will encounter difficulties. To dream of a lot of dead fish is a sign that money will be damaged for no good reason and you will be in financial distress. A businessman dreaming of many dead fish symbolizes that he will face losses in business. A man dreaming of many dead fish means that he will encounter a bottleneck in his career that is difficult to break through. A woman dreaming of a lot of dead fish is a sign of hidden health problems, probably due to safety problems with the food she consumes, resulting in excessive accumulation of toxins in her body. To dream of dead fish is a sign of disappointment and frustration, you may experience setbacks, bad career, hard life and starvation. To dream of putting a dying fish back into the water and bringing it back to life suggests that you wish to get a proper position with your ability to pursue your career. Dreaming of buying dead fish is an ominous sign that bad luck will come. Staff members dreaming of buying dead fish are more often constrained by others at work and may be forced into a balance of various interests. More cooperation and communication with colleagues can be expected to reduce the burden. To dream of a dead fish coming back to life implies that you will rise from the dead, or perhaps perform a miracle of recovery if you are terminally ill, such a dream means that hardship will cease to exist. Case study of dreaming of dead fish Dream description: I was at a small river in my dream, but I saw a lot of dead fish, I felt very strange, what does it mean? Dream Analysis: Fish in a dream generally represents your wishes, goals, and has the meaning of wealth. Sometimes the fish represents not necessarily tangible monetary material, but intangible spiritual wealth. People also tend to overlook another interpretation of "fish", which can also mean "opportunity". In a dream there are many dead fish, more environmentally friendly saying is that you may have recently too much concern about pollution, living environment and other bright life issues, worry about their diet pollution, so in the dream will do this kind of dream; In addition, the fish died, also indicates that their own financial resources will be in a situation, may recently break the fortune; or on behalf of their ability to seize the opportunity is not enough, resulting in good opportunities from their hands."