Dreaming of dead rats Dead rats

Dreaming of dead rats Dead rats What does it mean? Do you dream of dead rats and mice? Dreaming of dead rats and mice has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of dead rats and dead rats is a good omen for good luck. Pregnant women dreaming of dead mice and rats will have good health for themselves and their children. To dream of killing a mouse indicates that your person is very shrewd and can quickly detect the plots of your adversaries. If you dream that a mouse is caught by a cat, it means that you have good fortune recently, whether it is touching the lottery, lottery and so on often can win the prize, if not a lot of money, you might as well give it a try. If you dream that you killed a mouse, if you feel that someone is following you recently, you should remind yourself that you may have offended someone because of something and you should be aware of the trap that the villain is laying on you. Dream of killing a mouse, the mouse also symbolizes the meaning of the thief, the dreamer had this dream is to remind themselves should pay attention to theft, and face the thief at the same time, do not be soft, or even killed. Indicates the psychology of hatred for thieves. Women dreaming of killing rats, most women are afraid of rats, if women have this dream, through the fear of rats, suggesting that they have been working under a lot of pressure recently and should relax themselves. If you dream that you kill a cute little mouse, the cute little mouse represents a baby. If you have this dream as a pregnant woman, it means that you should pay attention to premature birth and miscarriage. If a couple has this dream, it means they should pay attention to sexual awareness and develop good sexual health to avoid infertility. If you dream of killing a mouse, you will have an unexpected gain. You may have a chance to win a low flat invoice or you can participate in various prize competitions. The examinee dreamed of killing a mouse, the recent examination results are poor. A single person dreaming of killing a mouse, the main recent love fortune can be successful. But both parties should not do what they want. Case study of dreaming of dead rats, dead rats Dream description: I dreamt that I saw a dead mouse, I don't know what it means. I am three months pregnant, and last night I dreamed that I happened to be going home from work, and at that time I happened to go around the market and bought two oranges to carry home. When I got downstairs, I noticed some strange noises next to me, so I went over to look and found some rats dancing there, and then I thought, "The rats are so excited, so I didn't think much about it and went upstairs. When I got home, my husband just made a meal, I washed my hands and could eat, I was so happy I couldn't wait to see what I was eating today, but I saw a few dead mice lying on the plate, my husband said this plate is obviously green vegetables, I don't know when it became dead mice. What does it mean to dream of dead rats? It's not a bad omen, right? Dream Analysis: To dream of dead rats and mice is an auspicious omen, indicating that the dreamer will have good luck. If a pregnant woman dreams of dead rats and mice, it is also a good omen, indicating that the dreamer and the child will be very healthy. If you dream of killing a rat, it means that your person is shrewd and will soon be able to detect the plots of your adversaries."