Dreaming of deer and rabbits

What does it mean to dream of deer and rabbits? Is it good to dream of a deer and rabbit? Dreams of deer and rabbits have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a deer and a rabbit walking together foretells a chance of being an official. To dream of a deer and rabbit represents a chance of promotion and fortune. To dream of a rabbit represents the ability to find an acquaintance. Dreaming of deer often suggests that you are in a good situation, related to fame and fortune. If you dream of a deer killed by a hunter, you may dream of being cheated out of your money, so beware. Dreaming that a captured deer is jumping, a person who loses his personal freedom may be released. To dream of many deer drinking at the river foretells that the plot against oneself will be unsuccessful. To dream of a deer is a good omen. The deer was killed, the main loss of wealth. To dream of losing a deer foretells that you will suffer hardship. Dreaming of a herd of deer foretells you a peaceful and calm life, good fortune and happiness. To dream of a herd of deer in peace and harmony symbolizes good fortune. To dream that a deer is in your house is a sign that you will be promoted. Dreaming of many deer lying together, all plots against you will come to naught. Dreaming of a deer indicates that one's family is happy and enviable. A woman dreaming of a deer foretells that she has a deep desire to return to her teenage years. To dream of a rabbit being captured is an auspicious sign. To dream that you fall away means that you will have good luck. To dream that someone comes to you together with a rabbit reminds you to be careful of being cheated. To dream of chasing a rabbit with the assistance of a hound implies the ability to escape from the clutches of a cheater. To dream of shooting at a rabbit foretells that you will lose all your financial resources. A woman dreaming of catching a rabbit on the road and holding it in her arms will become a money spinner for her husband's family. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreaming of a deer and a rabbit, getting a seal and ribbon, auspicious. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams Dreaming of a deer and rabbit walking, there is an official. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams"