Dreaming of dinosaurs

What does it mean to dream of dinosaurs? How about dreaming of dinosaurs? Dreaming of dinosaurs has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreams of ancient animals like dinosaurs generally symbolize motherhood or nostalgia and attachment to some departed emotion. Having such a dream also shows that the dreamer subconsciously wants to return to nature and live a pure and natural life. If you dream of a dinosaur chasing you, you feel very scared inside, indicating that your subconscious mind has a strong dependence on your mother, longing for her care again, and staying in the innocent years of your childhood. If you get rid of the dinosaur chasing you in your dream, it means that although you are still attached to your mother's care in your heart, you have gradually moved away from the feeling of dependence and become self-reliant. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Seeing strange beasts and monsters from fairy tales or seeing prehistoric creatures in your dreams often causes awe and terror. You should understand if you are more afraid of survival than of your body and power. Psychoanalysis: You associate parts of yourself with ancient times or anachronisms. Given that dinosaurs are extinct and one can only see their fossils today, seeing similar animals in a dream may also involve a certain petrified human character. Spiritual symbolism: Everyone carries a confusing history of the past, a history that forms your past life. Even if the spirit has moved on, you must understand that you will still have an impact on the past in the aftermath. Case study of dreaming of dinosaurs Dream description: In this world, no one has ever seen a dinosaur. I have seen dinosaurs except in cartoons, that is, in my dreams. The dinosaur in the dream was big, a green behemoth like the ones I've seen in cartoons. (Male, 18 years old) Dream Analysis: To dream of an ancient animal like a dinosaur is generally a symbol of your mother, especially your mother who takes care of you at all times. To dream of chasing yourself, which makes you feel afraid, indicates that you long for your mother's care in your heart and have a strong sense of dependence on her. To dream of escaping the chase of a dinosaur indicates that although you have a sense of dependence, you have gradually begun to move towards the path of self-reliance."