Dreaming of dog fights Dog bites dog

Dreaming of dog fights Dog bites dog What does it mean? Do you dream of a dog fighting and a dog biting a dog? The dream of a dog fighting and a dog biting a dog has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dream of dog fighting and dog biting dog. A crisis signal that an event related to criminal justice will occur. Dreaming of a group of dogs fighting, foretells that the dreamer may have some trouble to find you in the near future, you should always pay attention to your words and actions, avoid some verbal conflicts, and handle some troubles carefully. This way you can get through it smoothly. Dream of a group of dogs fighting, but also issued a terrible roar, this is to suggest that you may have strife in the near future, you must pay attention to their words and actions, careful to speak, avoid verbal conflict, be careful to go to the trouble that should not be provoked, in order not to be a fishy. Dreaming of a dog biting a dog represents a dispute between right and wrong, usually related to a verbal conflict, a big dog and a small dog, may represent two people you know in your life, one strong and one weak, or, the big dog usually represents moral loyalty, while the small dog symbolizes childish innocence, is a conflict between these two beliefs, in your inner thoughts, obviously you are not prepared to interfere with this aspect of the content, but still involuntarily affected. To dream of dogs biting each other suggests that the dreamer may have a quarrel with someone or have a trouble causing misfortune and suffer loss for it. To dream of a dog biting a dog is a sign of a crisis related to a criminal trial. (Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation) Dreaming of a dog fighting foretells that you may have to mediate a dispute between friends, be careful of your methods. Zhou Gong Stock Market Dreams of dog fights, dog bites dog, there is a dramatic rise and fall in the large household stocks, causing a chaotic situation, and dogs in the mating dream, also the same is a precursor to high promotion, the bitch gave birth to puppies dream, indicating an increase in capital. Case study of dreaming of dog fighting dog biting dog Dream description: I am a woman, last night I dreamed that I had a big dog and another very fierce big black dog fought, at that time I was standing outside the iron fence to watch, next to what seems to be a lot of people, my dog was later injured by the big black dog, blinded one eye, I rushed to open the fence to release my dog, holding him to run home, after arriving home, he kept bleeding, I was very afraid. Dream Interpretation: It represents your original beliefs. And your childishness. In addition, it may also be related to people you used to care about, family and friends. A very aggressive dog represents other ideas in your life that have influenced you. Your dream my opinion is: you want to like a person, or is like a person, to give a little for you, or hurt a little, but not really "see blood". And: your opinion and ideas received opposition and blow, although you are not happy but still comfort yourself, it does not matter, the injured dog into your "white dog prince", that is, you stubbornly adhere to their own views, you feel that your approach and ideas are right! In the dream in general, the dog indicates loyalty from the advice of friends, the sense of self-precaution, the human character, indicating loyalty, positive value in friendship. But what you dreamed is not quite the same as in the general interpretation of dreams, I am studying psychology, the dog represents your close male friend, he is very good, very real, perhaps you are observing each other, and the dog fight is just a trigger event, indicating that you have to have the help of a third party to become male and female friends."