Dreaming of donkeys, mules and horses

What does it mean to dream of donkeys, mules and horses? How about dreaming about donkeys, mules and horses? The dream of a donkey, mule and horse has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a mule will make you rich. Dreaming of a mule, the reputation rises. Dreaming of holding the reins of a mule, you will be stubborn and offend your friends. Dreaming of a mule stumble, someone will falsely accuse himself. ww.dreammaster.org Dreaming of having many mules can lead to a career in the military or local transportation and supply departments. To dream of a mule carrying cargo is a bad omen for being able to give gifts blindly. To dream of releasing a mule in a meadow, the dreamer wants to let a son or relative with less ability to take over his class. Dreaming of a mule or horse, a beautiful and happy marriage. Dreaming of a female zebra, prosperous financial resources. Dreaming of riding a donkey and a mule is auspicious for the Lord's wealth. Dreaming of a donkey, you will gradually get out of trouble. To dream that you are riding on a donkey, you will leave the world soon. Dreaming of a donkey being beaten, one's social status will be affected in the near future. The dreamer will be forced to transfer out of his job. I dreamed that someone was riding on a donkey naked and the donkey rider's hand and head were cut off and the donkey rider would die. Dreaming of a weighted donkey will lead to fame and fortune. To dream of a donkey stumbling, the dreamer's friends and relatives will try to damage his reputation. To dream of a herd of donkeys running out of the city gate, the inhabitants of the city will be protected from diseases. But to dream that donkeys come towards the entrance of the city, the inhabitants of the city will suffer from calamity. To dream of a donkey's carcass is an auspicious sign. To dream of a donkey's carcass floating in a river or lake. The dreamer will travel to the sea. If you hear a donkey barking in your dream, the dreamer should be careful with his words and actions. Dreaming of a donkey wearing clothes and shoes will be caught in trouble by friends. Dreaming of a donkey on a roof terrace, the dreamer's family will be ruined. Dreaming of killing donkeys, mules and horses with wine and food. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Killing donkeys, mules and horses, with wine and food. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou To dream of riding a donkey on a horse is auspicious. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams"