Dreaming of dung beetles

What does it mean to dream of dung beetles? How about dreaming of dung beetles? Dreaming of dung beetles has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The dung beetle, commonly known as the shitter, feeds mainly on animals as well as its own feces. In life we can often see shitcrawlers pushing dung. That is when they are preparing food, so it is also called pushing shit crawl. While people may think that shitcrawlers are very dirty, shitcrawlers are actually known as natural scavengers. If it is not a shitcrawler, you have to enter the imaginary kind of environment where feces flies are everywhere? The shitter in dreams is also a two-sided symbol. At most, it symbolizes inner defilement. Dreaming of a dung beetle foretells that something dangerous will happen to you. Dreaming of dung beetles as a pile, the main loss of wealth. To dream of shitting in groups foretells that you will have a loss of property, mostly theft. To dream that a shithead is collecting feces from the place where you live is a sign that you will encounter a difficult problem and be careful of being framed and involved in a criminal case. To dream that a shithead is pushing away a poop ball is a sign that all troubles will be solved."