Dreaming of earthworms

What does it mean to dream of earthworms? How about dreaming of earthworms? Dreams of earthworms have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of an earthworm with a long unfolded body, to gain profit in real estate. Dreaming of earthworms hiding in the grass is a sign of accidents or worries in the factory or at home, for which the mind is heavy and the heart is full of sorrow. For those who have a building in hand, if you dream of earthworms burrowing in the dirt, congratulations, because it means that the value of the property you hold will appreciate significantly. The following is the psychological interpretation of dreams about earthworms: Your dream implies that you may have a physical problem such as skin or muscle. Earthworms also represent unclean parts of the body, and they symbolize the dreamer's fear of disease and death in the dream. Generally speaking, dreams of earthworms in adult men may be related to sexual function. Earthworm = small worm, many small worms may symbolize spermatozoa; earthworm = to seek guidance, to desire a breakthrough in life, a desire of the heart. Or maybe you are in love with someone yourself or wish to fall in love and feel overwhelmed in your heart and want very much to get a response from the opposite sex. Zhou Yi dream interpretation Dreaming of earthworms: You will be blamed by both parents for your daily life. At this time, no matter what you scold, it is best to listen to the lecture. If you talk back, your freedom of movement will be restricted, and perhaps your mother will limit the time you can go home. Newcomers to the workplace dream of earthworms at work: pragmatic attitude to work, and do things with a plan, can expect to achieve good results. However, the lack of a sense of humor, easy to make colleagues in awe of you."