Dreaming of falconry

What does dreaming of falconry mean? Is it good to dream of falconry? Dreams of falcons have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a falcon means that you have recently fought against your opponent, and in the course of the battle you defeated your enemy with your own strength, but your success also makes you jealous and hateful to your opponent, making the prejudice between you deeper. A young woman dreaming of a falcon implies that although you have achieved success, you have provoked the hatred of your opponents and may even be subject to malicious retaliation from them. Zhou Gong Stock Market Dreams should pay attention to the best excellent stock. A falcon flying up in a dream indicates that the price will go up; landing indicates that the price will go down. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of a horse or a tame falcon may indicate energy bound together for certain intentions, here there is no requirement to pay attention or observe the rules and regulations of what kind of behavior, similar dreams are related to the dreamer's goals, hopes and desires. Psychoanalysis: To dream of a falcon represents that you have the power to navigate your own path and must make full use of it. Spiritual symbolism: from a spiritual point of view, the falcon denotes ambitious goals and the urgent desire for unconditional freedom."