Dreaming of feeding a deer

Dreaming of feeding a deer what does it mean? Do you dream of feeding a deer? Dreaming of feeding a deer has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of feeding a deer, good luck in love, if you are single you will soon meet someone you like. If you have someone in mind you might as well confess to her at this time, it will definitely be successful. To dream of feeding a fawn indicates good luck in love. In the netherworld, the signal for an assault has been sent. So don't hesitate any longer and make an aggressive and bold attack on your intended one! Dreaming of feeding a giraffe usually indicates that you may be in a good atmosphere of life, free from danger, living in prosperity, peace and tranquility, or being honest and pure at heart in your dealings with others, and happy and fulfilling in love. A person in love dreaming of feeding a baby deer foretells that he or she will have good luck in love in the near future and will have a breakthrough in the relationship. A woman dreaming of feeding a baby deer indicates that deep down you have a desire to go back to your teenage years. A woman dreaming of feeding a giraffe shows that you are a gentle, loving person who will have a healthy and lovely baby. To dream of a fawn being killed by a hunter or animal foretells that your reason is in danger of being destroyed by instinct. To dream of a fawn coming towards you may foretell that you will receive an unexpected inheritance from a relative. Dreaming of a deer being killed wakes you up to beware of being duped and having your money damaged. To dream of a lost fawn is a sign that you will suffer hardship. To dream that a fawn is in your house is a sign that you will be promoted."