Dreaming of fish in a river or pond

Dreaming of fish in a river or pond what does it mean? How about dreaming of fish in a river or pond? Dreaming of fish in a river or pond has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of fish swimming around in a river or pond, because of the promotion by a person with high status, the status is stable and things are smooth. If you dream that a small fragrant fish is swimming in the water, the patient will be cured. (Dream Interpretation by Zhou Gong ) To dream that you are swimming with a fish means that you can avoid disaster. Dreaming of fish in the river indicates that your financial fortune varies from person to person, so don't pay too much attention to this, otherwise you will invite disaster. Unmarried men and women dream of fish in the river to foretell your love, there are variables in your love affairs. You have a lot of peach blossoms everywhere, but how to distinguish between love and friendship gives you a headache. Married people who dream of fish in the river everywhere should be careful to grasp the scale of friendship with the opposite sex, causing unnecessary misunderstandings. A man dreaming of catching fish in a river may be in great trouble. A woman dreaming of fishing in a river will depend on her rich husband and live happily, and will inherit the real estate of her relatives. Dreaming that someone is fishing in the river, something sensational will happen to the community in the near future. Dreaming of a fish struggling at the river means that your work will be constrained everywhere, struggling to escape the fate of demotion, it is better to find another job early. To dream of fish swimming in a pond symbolizes that you will receive wealth and power, or indicates that you are in a good mood and situation, or it may foretell that you will have an unexpected income or be promoted in status. Dreaming of catching fish in a river foretells that you will get the wealth you want by your own ability and excessive boldness. Catching a fish in your dream predicts that you will be successful, and the bigger the fish you catch, the greater the success. Zhou Gong stock market dreams of fish in the river or pond To dream of fish in a river or pond, the stock market suggests hovering in a weak state."