Dreaming of fishing up goldfish

What does it mean to dream of fishing up goldfish? How about dreaming of fishing up goldfish? Dreaming of picking up goldfish has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a goldfish means that you will succeed in making many adventures that will bring you great excitement and pleasure. A woman dreaming of a goldfish means you can get involved with a guy who has a cheerful personality. The death of a goldfish in a dream indicates a major blow. Dreaming of fishing for goldfish foretells a loving couple and a happy, fulfilling life. Dreaming of picking up a goldfish and the goldfish swimming around in the cup means you may meet someone or something strange, something that will not only surprise you, but also make you remember it for life. To dream of pulling up a goldfish indicates that the star of strange encounters will approach you. The biggest possibility is to run into an old friend on the street. So the box of memories opens and you forget the passage of time. To dream of picking up a red goldfish, red represents enthusiasm and joy, indicating that the dreamer will encounter joyful events. Case study of dreaming of fishing up goldfish Dream description: I dreamed that there were cuttlefish and goldfish swimming around in a big fish tank, and I saw a beautiful goldfish in that group of goldfish, so I went over to catch that goldfish, and after catching it by hand for a while, I suddenly thought it would be faster to use a small net to get it, so I brought a small net and put it into this fish tank to get this fish, and at this time a person came along next to me. Dream Analysis: Dreaming of fishing up goldfish, you will meet strange people or things during this time, maybe it will be an adventure trip!"