Dreaming of fleas

What does it mean to dream of fleas? How about dreaming of fleas? Dreams of fleas have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of fleas reminds you to guard against being set up behind your back by villains. To dream of catching fleas foretells a possible loss of property. To dream of being bitten by fleas during the daytime foretells that you may have a business loss. To dream of being bitten by fleas at night may indicate that you are somewhat physically weak, neurotic, prone to illness or insomnia lately. A woman dreaming of a flea biting her foretells that her so-called friends will slander her; dreaming of a flea on her lover indicates that the lover is by nature frivolous and capricious. To dream of a flea jumping symbolizes that you will encounter good things on a car ride, maybe you will meet someone you like in the car, or pick up a purse, etc.. If you or a friend happens to buy a car, having this dream predicts that you will buy the car you want as you wish. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation To see fleas is unlucky. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou To catch fleas in a dream is auspicious. This is a dream of self-seeking to get rich. If you seek yourself and not others, you will have your own wealth, your own illness, your own sorrow, and your own longevity. The Dream Forest Interpretation Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: Fleas are something that make people angry and troublesome, and dreaming about them contains this meaning. You are obviously at odds with your surroundings, who are trying to take advantage of you or exhibiting parasitic behavior. You must see this situation clearly in time and try to get rid of this group of people who are trying to suck blood. Psychoanalysis: You should realize from the painful experience that the group of people you consider as friends are actually just using him for their own purposes and exploiting you. Spiritual symbolism: from a spiritual point of view, dreaming of fleas shows the desire to survive, the ability to adapt and flexibility."