Dreaming of flying fish

What does dreaming of flying fish mean? How about dreaming of flying fish? Dreams of flying fish have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Flying fish are not really able to fly but a process of jumping and gliding to make what appears to be flying. In dreams, flying fish is often a spiritual embodiment of transcendence. To dream that many flying fish are jumping in large groups on the sea is a sign that you will do things beyond your expectation recently. Get a very good evaluation. To dream of a flying fish appearing in the desert indicates that you will recently solve something that has been bothering you for a long time. Dreaming of flying fish flying around in the water and in the air is an indication that your work will be getting better and better and that you will have good luck in bringing success, and it also means that you are about to get ahead. Dreaming of fish flying on the water is a sign that efforts during this period have become a failure or that planned things have been aborted. To dream of a dead flying fish indicates that your goal will get further and further away from you. To dream that a flying fish wants to bite you indicates that you are afraid of harm from a hidden place and that it is very deadly. Dream of a black flying fish, flying not high seems like I can reach out and catch, but how can not catch, it means you want to get some supplies that come out of thin air, but it is difficult to succeed. This is your own feeling. To dream of fish flying in the sky means that you are now physically active and implies that in reality you have the ability and confidence to overcome all difficulties at work. Case study of dreaming of flying fish Dream description: I dreamed that someone was fishing and while casting a net, a fish with wings flew up. It was very big and didn't die. It just happened to fly next to me, and then I picked up the flying fish. The fisherman said, "Give me money to take it to his fish store". I guess I was afraid that I would take the fish for myself, what does this mean? Dream Analysis: Dreaming of flying fish is easy to succeed and achieve the purpose. However, because flying fish are fast, if you do not grasp the opportunity, the opportunity will be short-lived."