Dreaming of frog singing

What does dreaming of frog singing mean? Is it good to dream of frogs? Dreams of frogs have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a summer night with the sound of frogs indicates that you and your friends get along well and have a good relationship. A man dreaming of a wow song usually symbolizes living in harmony with friends. A woman dreaming of a frog implies that she is going to have a quarrel with someone. If the frogs in your dream sound pleasant, it means that you will encounter something happy that excites you. If the frog calls feel messy, it means that there are villains talking badly about you, but don't worry, the rumors will not be broken. Case study of dreaming of frogs Dream Description: A college student dreamed that he came next to a pond similar to a pond filled with floating lotus leaves and red lotus flowers dressed the small pond beautifully. A small frog stood on the lotus leaf and watched him quietly. So the college student started to talk to the frog and said to him, "Don't be afraid, you are a beneficial insect, so I won't hurt you." But after listening to him, the frog jumped into the water and disappeared with a cry. Dream Analysis: The frog is an amphibian, he can live in water or briefly on land, usually it will choose to live in or near water, the frog feeds on pests, so it is well loved by farmers. The color of the frog's skin varies depending on the environment and can serve as a self-protection. Because of their commonness, frogs often appear in people's dreams. According to dream experts, a frog in a dream usually means contentment, success and friendship. For example, dreaming of a frog in a pond indicates that the dreamer is able to overcome difficulties due to a tolerant friend; dreaming of a frog in a meadow indicates that the dreamer will gain a mentor and a friend. This friend is optimistic and open-minded, and will help the dreamer in many ways; dreaming of a frog being arrested and killed means that the dreamer will have a considerable setback. Among the four seasons, summer is the season when frogs are seen most frequently, and frog chirping is also a unique rural summer scene. However, different people have different conclusions about the feelings and implied meanings of frog singing in dreams. If the frog calls in a dream, it should be analyzed according to the specific circumstances of the dream, for example: dreaming of a melodious frog call indicates that something happy will come to one's side, making one happy and excited; dreaming of a messy frog call is a not-so-good dream, indicating that a villain is talking bad; dreaming of a frog call in a summer night indicates that the dreamer has a good relationship with many friends; if a man dreams of a frog call, it symbolizes a harmonious relationship with If a man dreams of frogs, it symbolizes harmony with friends; if a woman dreams of frogs, it implies that there is a verbal dispute with people."