Dreaming of golden snub-nosed monkeys

What does dreaming of golden snub-nosed monkeys mean? Is it good to dream of golden monkeys? Dreams of golden monkeys have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of golden monkeys, an ominous sign of disaster. A woman dreaming of a golden monkey indicates that she should not act rashly recently. The divorced and widowed dreamed of a golden monkey, to go away, there may be danger, unlucky. Dreaming of a golden monkey rage, you may be at odds with your neighbors, and your reputation will be damaged if the neighborhood relationship is stalled. A woman dreaming of feeding a golden monkey represents that the person who once flattered her will betray her. Dreaming of a golden monkey pouncing on you with its teeth and claws foretells that your family will suffer bad luck, or even your family will be ruined. To dream of a golden monkey trying to escape foretells losses due to leakage of business secrets or the occurrence of dismissal of staff. Dreaming of a crowd watching a dead golden monkey foretells leaving officialdom or damage to reputation in the future. In particular, it is possible to incur financial loss due to close people. A pregnant woman dreaming of a golden monkey eating reminds her to pay more attention to her health and that of her baby."