Dreaming of goose eggs

What does dreaming of goose eggs mean? Dreaming of goose eggs is good? Dreaming of goose eggs has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Dreaming of goose eggs, good omen, good fortune. When you dream of eating goose eggs, you will get unexpected money. Dreaming of a broken goose egg, there will be a lawsuit against the body. Dreaming of collecting goose eggs is a good omen for good fortune. The egg also represents property and can be said to have a long history. Dreaming of eggs or eating eggs is a good omen for getting rich. To dream of piles of eggs means business is booming. To dream of a broken egg means that a dispute over property will cause a quarrel or even a lawsuit. People who have such a dream should take proper care of their property and make a detailed list. Dreaming of throwing eggs and having elevated eggs means rapid growth of property and a chance of great wealth. To dream of throwing an egg into water means that doing business related to water will be profitable. To dream of snatching eggs from someone else's hand means that one will be accused of being a liar for cheating others with immoral means and should be strict with oneself."