Dreaming of green worms

What does dreaming of green worms mean? Is it good to dream of green worms? Dreams of green worms have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of green worms, an ominous sign, will be sick. A patient dreaming of a green worm, his condition will deteriorate. A businessman dreaming of a green worm will encounter mistakes on the road to career development. Students dreaming of green worms may make certain mistakes during exams. Dreaming of a large number of green worms, the surrounding area will be infected with infectious diseases. A patient dreaming of eliminating green worms will be in good health. A businessman dreaming of destroying green worms means he will get through the crisis. To dream of a green worm crawling out of your face may represent the troublesome distress you are experiencing in your image. To dream of a green worm burrowing out of your body suggests that you have felt the shortcomings and troubles arising from yourself that have drawn your attention; or that you will encounter troublesome things arising; perhaps it also suggests that you will have troubles in your health, perhaps in the handling of affairs. Dreams of green insects biting the self, suggesting that things are not going well there is a blockage, no matter what kind of insect bites the dream, may indicate that the self is experiencing some aspect of pain, emotional physical are possible."