Dreaming of griffon vultures

What does it mean to dream of griffons? How about dreaming of a vulture? Dreaming of a vulture has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The vulture is a symbol of disaster. Vultures are vicious in nature and therefore symbolize disaster in dreams. To dream of a vulture, there will be a disaster coming. Be careful in all things. To dream of a vulture suggests that your opponent will create havoc for you as a way to strike you. Therefore it is important to be careful and watch out. Dreaming of a vulture fight, a car accident will happen on the way out, but you will be able to escape from death. It is recommended to go out as little as possible. To dream of a vulture flying suggests that calamity will come. It is better to keep a low profile in life and work in the near future, so that you may be able to avoid calamity. To dream of a vulture landing on a tree is a sign that you can subdue your opponent. So carry out your work boldly, no one can hinder you. To dream of shooting a vulture is a good omen, meaning that all difficulties will pass. To dream of a vulture flying overhead is an ominous sign that a loved one will soon leave this world or be seriously ill. Love yourself and the people around you well. To dream of a vulture is a sign that you have had the misfortune of attracting a mob. He is determined to hurt you and will kill you; unless you see a vulture wounded or dead, you will not escape this fate. A woman dreaming of a vulture foretells that she will face and deal with a lot of scary gossip about herself. Chowder Stock Market The dream should pay attention to the best excellent stock. A vulture flying up in a dream indicates that the price will go up; landing indicates that the price will go down."