Dreaming of guppy

What does it mean to dream of guppy? Is it good to dream of guppy? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of cinnamon fish, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of cinnamon fish foretells that you may be sick and your condition will not get better in the short term. Dreaming of cinnamon fish, this dream may imply that the dreamer is carrying out things in the near future will probably encounter a lot of difficulties, trouble, etc., but if the dreamer can solve these difficulties, trouble, there will probably be unexpected gains, such as the dreamer will get experience in solving trouble, if the future encounter trouble, will be able to solve more easily. To dream that you are eating cinnamon fish, this dream may indicate that the dreamer's recent fortune is relatively good, the dreamer's family income will probably be greatly improved, the dreamer's family life will also become more warm, happy. And people often say that "family and everything is prosperous", warm, harmonious family life will also have a lot of help for the dreamer's work and career. Dream of being bitten by the guppy, then remind the dreamer, the near future to pay more attention to their health, especially the dreamer may be afraid of water in the near future, it is recommended that the dreamer try not to go to rivers, ponds, swimming pools and other places, that is likely to have an accident, careful is not a big mistake, there is no harm in being cautious in life. Dreaming of a river with many cinnamon fish means that most of the dissatisfaction with the work is caused by your own negative thinking. The more you feel that others are unfair to you, the more angry you are, and your luck is certainly not stable under the emotion of dissatisfaction. Dreaming of eating osmanthus fish means that the work of these two days may encounter being let go, or a situation of going back on your word. Pregnant women dreaming of cinnamon fish, good things will come. A pregnant woman dreaming of fishing with her husband and catching a guppy is an omen of good love and confidence and ease for the two people. If you catch a fish, you are full of hope for the future. It is a guppy, that is the future birth of a son. Case study of dreaming of guppy Dream description: I dreamed that I caught a bucket of fish in the creek, including a guppy, and as a result, a sister saw it and had to buy it. I didn't sell it, she took it herself, and I protected it first, but somehow I didn't know what bit my hand, I reacted quickly and immediately took my hand out to squeeze out the poison, and the sister took the fish and said she would give me the money, just when I saw another guppy in the water, (at that time there seemed to be a buddy looking for fish everywhere), I took advantage of his lack of attention to use the bucket to catch the guppy, and this time the fish was more than the last time. This time the fish was more than the last bucket of fish, so I don't remember the rest. Dream Analysis: Fish is mostly a symbol of good fortune in dreams, cinnamon fish is not, and cinnamon fish in dreams foretells difficulties and troubles. This dream foretells that the dreamer will encounter very difficult things, but this is also a test for the person, and if he can successfully solve these problems, it is also an enhancement of the person's ability."