Dreaming of herring

What does dreaming of herring mean? How about dreaming of herring? Dreams of herring have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Herring was once classified as a fish eaten by the poor because it was very cheap. To dream of herring indicates financial turnover difficulties, but it will soon improve. To dream of catching a big mackerel foretells a shadow in health and to pay attention to acute illnesses. Especially during club activities, there is a high possibility of accidents or injuries. To dream of a blue fish means financial hardship, making life very difficult, but later you will achieve success. A businessman dreaming of mackerel means being defeated by his rival in business. Single nobleman dreaming of green fish, the main recent love do not blindly, then you can succeed. A man dreaming of a green fish foretells that after suffering, a good day is not far away. An employee dreaming of a green fish indicates a decline in position and a decrease in income. A woman dreaming of catching a big herring foretells good luck and profit if she goes away. A student dreaming of catching a big herring will get good results in recent exams."