Dreaming of horse racing with many people

What does it mean to dream of horse racing with many people? How is it to dream of racing with many people? Dreams of horse racing with many people have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of racing with many people, you are a stubborn person who has to change your personality, otherwise your friends will gradually leave you. If you dream of gambling with many people on horse racing, racing cars or boats, the result in your dream is exactly the opposite of reality, that is, when you dream of and accepting prizes or bonuses, you will be cheated and lose a lot. The dream of gambling is an omen of good luck beyond the matter of winning or losing, and has nothing to do with the reality of gambling. -Dreaming of racing with many people indicates that your relationships have become tense and what you should do now is to be tolerant and forbearing, never to get into conflict with people again. Dreaming that you are a rider on a horse in a horse race with many people, you will be in a horse race with many people and will be invited to participate in the entertainment activities held by your friends. Dreaming of talking to a rider while racing with many people, the race will be won first. Zhou Gong Stock Market Dreaming of horse racing, the stock market suggests that big changes can be expected. If horses, pedal carts, rowing boats, etc. travel to the right then the stock price rises; from the right to the left then the price will fall."