Dreaming of horses and cows

What does dreaming of horses and cows mean? Is it good to dream of horses and cows? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of horses and cows, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of eating horse meat indicates that you or your wife may become pregnant, and if you already do not want to have children, you should take more precautions in your intercourse. And an elderly person having this dream indicates that he or she will have the joy of getting a grandchild. Dreaming of eating beef is a good dream, it means your body and mind are relaxed and very healthy, keep exercising to maintain this good condition. Dreaming of grazing in a pasture, there will be good news in sports. If you are one of the athletes in a sporting event, you may have a chance to win the winning cup in a competition. Dreaming of milking cows, there will be theft and difficulties. Be aware of pickpockets and robberies. If you have a bicycle, do not let others ride it away, and even more so, warn your family against breaking into the house. If you dream of cows and horses in a herd, luck will fall from the sky. Such as: picking up a lottery ticket on the road and winning the jackpot, finding extra money when buying something, etc. This kind of unexpected luck may happen one after another. When you dream of running on a horse, your troubles will be solved. A friend with whom you had a quarrel will make up, and you can expect a deeper relationship. Dreaming of racing with many people, friendships will deteriorate. Your stubborn personality will cause bad consequences, friends will leave you one after another. Unless you can change your ways, you will become very lonely. Dreaming of a herd of cows means that your interpersonal relationships are not bad, there are a group of like-minded people and sincere and good friends will help you, in the work can be smooth. Dreaming of being topped by a cow, or dreaming of someone else being topped by a cow, that indicates your recent bad luck, luck is back, do anything will be hindered, it is difficult to succeed. To dream of riding a white horse indicates that you are likely to suffer from an illness. And if the white horse is walking on a rugged mountain road, it indicates that your life will intertwine happiness and sadness. Dreaming of a cow entering your home, or a cow walking into your home by itself, means you can get rich by hard work, hard struggle, and a prosperous family, a good omen dream. Dreaming of a cow giving birth to a calf means that the things you seek can be obtained in the end, as the saying goes, but you can't be greedy, it's good to have it, don't be greedy. Dreaming of being kicked by a horse indicates that your pursuit of love is not real, and the person you go after headlong is actually not interested in you at all, perhaps not even looking at you, you will only make a fool of yourself. Dreaming of a horse running wildly, or a group of horses running in all directions, indicates that the dangerous situation you encountered has become a thing of the past, and soon the rain will clear up and the suffering will be over. Dreaming of a calf eating grass indicates that your future is very promising and your life can be peaceful and safe, and the future road is smoother than bumpy, which is a good dream. Dreaming of a broken carriage indicates that you and your lover will be separated for a while, and after some time, you will still be reunited and reunited. And if you dream that the wheel breaks down on the ground, this is an inauspicious omen, indicating that you may break your fortune, but not so much that you will lose it. Dreaming of a cow going up a hill, or leading a cow up a hill by yourself, means that you will not only get rich, but your reputation among your colleagues or neighbors and friends will also increase, and friends and relatives who did not have much contact with you in the past will come to visit you. To dream of killing a horse is to suggest that you are acting selfishly and without regard for your friends, so what you do will affect your friendship with them. Dreaming of riding a horse to the top is a hint that you will achieve real success and others will be convinced. If the horse falls down the moment you reach the top of the mountain and you are safe and sound, it means that you will have a hard fight before you succeed and you should be well prepared. If you ride a horse down the mountain, it means you are not satisfied with your current job. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreaming of eating beef and horses. The Lord has an omen of military travel, or else also when far away. If a patient dreams of this, he must pass the period of the ugly cow and the lunch horse before he can get better. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dreams of cattle and horses, will be wind and rain. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams WWW.dreammaster.org Those who dream of cattle and horses produce, lucky. Or a guest; also get money. The Dunhuang book of dreams Dreaming of cows and horses on the clouds, the woman has foreign intentions. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams Those who dream of cows and horses have great luck. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams Dreaming of riding a bull and a horse, being earned by mistake, the woman in the room has an outside intention. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams If you dream of killing a cow or horse, your family will be ruined. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams To dream of cows and horses in the house is bad. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams"