Dreaming of huge animals

What does it mean to dream of huge animals? Is it good to dream of huge animals? Dreaming of huge animals has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The appearance of a huge animal in your dream, while feeling small, indicates that you may be isolated, or belittled or demeaned. Be careful with your relationships these days, you may face such situations at work, or in your friendships. Dreaming of a giant animal coiled outside the window means that the mood at work is somewhat disturbed recently, so be careful not to stir up any trouble. Lovers in love dreamed of many huge wild animals running, foretelling that the next relationship may start to show a state of confusion, should be strictly prohibited to lie to your lover deceitful situation oh! Dreaming of a huge animal being beaten and covered in blood, don't agree to someone's promises easily because things may end up in vain and with regret. Dreaming of a huge catfish biting viciously on some animal, something not so good will happen in your life, problems are already potentially developing, please pay attention to some new and different information that may appear in your life and respond positively."