Dreaming of killing a dog

What does it mean to dream of killing a dog? Do you dream of killing a dog? Dreaming of killing a dog has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of killing a dog, dog means loyalty, killing a dog means you will betray others. To dream of a friend killing a dog means that your friend will betray you. Workers dreaming of killing a dog means that they are very bored by the repetitive work day after day, and your work luck has been reduced recently, which makes you feel very bored in the face of the daily repetition of work and do not want to work. Suggest that you go out more often to relieve their mood and mentality, with a good mind good mood to face their work. The white-collar dream of someone kill a dog represents your recent work luck is very high in the work you are able to do things with ease, but financial luck is relatively low recently you may feel a little more expenses than income, so you can try to take some extra money to supplement income and choose to maintain their daily expenses during this period. Men dreaming of killing a dog, that you recently in the life of the pressure is very large, with the rise in prices and wages have not been increased so that you feel their economic crisis, always feel that their expenses are greater than their income and therefore desperately want to get a promotion or a raise, it is recommended that more hard work to properly relax themselves, it is likely to be promoted soon. A woman dreaming of someone killing a dog foretells that you may recently have some quarrels with your neighbor because of some minor things, because your luck is lowered it is recommended that you can make appropriate concessions so that both sides can reconcile, after all, neighbors need to get along for a long time so more communication is good for both sides. If you dream of killing a dog, you will have bad luck in your career, and you will meet flattering villains. You will encounter flattering villains. If you are too gullible in your career, you will be taken advantage of by others. Dream of killing a dog, more in the business will have signs of cooperation with others, and the villain is quite a lot, and the villain to deal with, more main you will have bad signs in the business, do not be too easy to listen to the slander, then your business will be ruined, get this dream, the summer dream is auspicious, autumn dream is not auspicious. Single men get this dream, more main in the business you will be used by friends or villainous harm, and your own character sincere although loyal to others, but also need to recognize the true purpose of the other party, do not show foolish loyalty. Unmarried women get this dream, more than the Lord in the relationship will have family obstacles, and you and the other person, although true love, but does not mean that you can get married. It is that you are not distinguishing the difference in the economic situation of the two people in your life."