Dreaming of killing the fish

What does it mean to dream of killing the fish? Do you dream of killing a fish? Dreaming of killing a fish has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. The fish represents the gathering of aura, similar to the dragon, appearing in the dream is a symbol of luck, while dreaming of killing a fish ready to kill is a practice contrary to the luck, suggesting that some of the things you have handled in recent times are unreasonable or even bad. Dreaming of killing a fish will have fortune in the near future. Dreaming of catching a fish and failing to catch it foretells that fortune may rub off on you. A man dreaming of killing a fish means that his career is not going well. A woman dreaming of killing a fish is a sign of a bad life. A businessman dreaming of killing a fish will lose money in business. A single person dreaming of killing a fish foretells that the peach blossom will not be prosperous in the near future, and it will be difficult to meet the object of one's desire. The dream of the lovers to see the fish killed, foretells that the recent love luck is not good, the love will meet the test. Worker dreaming of killing a fish, foretells the dreamer's recent work luck has fallen back a little, the efforts made may not get the corresponding return. A student dreaming of killing a fish predicts a less than satisfactory academic performance in the near future. If you dream that the fish you have kept dies, you will be implicated by others, so you must be vigilant at this time. The employee dreamed that the fish he kept died, the main recent financial luck is good, income is looking up, expenses are often one or two big expenses let your saving plan go down the drain. Looking for a worker dreaming that the fish he has raised died, then the interview for a job to win with strength. The recruiter pays more attention to your ability to show their past performance is a more effective approach. Dream of fish dead and alive, life is busy, but hard work brings a lot of money gains, but pay attention to the out of doors easily due to overworked caused by the spirit of poor The old man dreamed that the fish died and came back to life, all things will go well, fame and fortune, but to prevent complacency, excessive pride, it is easy to fail."