Dreaming of kittens

What does dreaming of kittens mean? Is it good to dream of a kitten? Dreaming of kittens has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A woman dreaming of a beautiful, obese white cat foretells that someone will set a trap to harm her with a plot to lure her to her doom. But fortunately, in order to avoid misfortune, she will eventually win with her own resourcefulness and bravery and accurate judgment. Dreaming of a cat covered with dirty colors mixed, or thin and weak, foretells that you will suffer the consequences of some of your own reckless behavior. To dream of a kitten indicates that troubles will come one after another, thus causing you to suffer. Unless you can eliminate the kitten, you will not be able to free yourself from your troubles. To dream of kittens playing with each other indicates unstable progress in love. Although the intimacy of both parties increases, it is difficult to progress to mutual confirmation of love. It will be a period of empty anxiety. Dreaming of a snake devouring a kitten, malicious people will try to harm you, but in the end they can only harm themselves. When you dream of a kitten, your character will be criticized by people. If you dream of a cat giving birth to kittens, it is the main auspicious omen, indicating that the dream will all have good luck. A woman dreaming of a cat giving birth to kittens indicates that she has recently done things cleanly and without delay."