Dreaming of leech

What does dreaming of leech mean? Is it good to dream of a leech? Dreaming of a leech has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a leech (leech) is the main woman's loss of wealth. Dreaming that a leech (leech) is stuck on the leg, there is a good dream that there is not a thin income into the account and the staff increases. Dreams of leech, loach, leech, etc. are all yin slippery things, and are yin in nature. From the western study, "The Interpretation of Dreams" points out that snakes, loach, eels, rope and other long stripes refer to sex in the psychological implication, favoring men with aggressiveness. Boxes and other hollow utensils refer to women, women have this dream, women are yin, implying that there is a relationship with thinking about sex. If a male dreams of a leech, you must have something bad in your career, you met a powerful character, but this dream has told you that you have to be bold and careful, the final winner is you, snakes and loaches are both Yin slippery things, Yin, is in the dark to harm you, but your dream is very clever to crack this obstacle, has nothing to do with thinking about sex. To dream of locusts is a sign that you will have troubles recently, though small, but troublesome. Dreaming of locusts sucking blood, there will be misunderstandings between friends. Due to the misunderstanding of an inadvertent remark, it is likely to be blamed by friends and relatives. However, if you make an effort to explain the misunderstanding clearly, it will not be difficult to get friendship. A woman dreaming of locusts sucking blood indicates that everything will go well during this period. Running a business together with someone can be successful. Dreaming of being bitten by locusts, work and life is a bit unsatisfactory, this is normal, cheer up. The main health concern of a manual worker dreaming of being bitten by locusts is the digestive system. It is more effective to pay attention to a light diet, and a tendency to depression begins to appear mentally. Dreaming of a leech biting you will bring good things to you. Men dreaming of a leech biting you have the opportunity to go on a trip, auspicious, but be careful with your actions. Dreaming of locusts biting the soles of your feet, pay more attention to your health and get more rest. A divorced widow dreaming of locusts biting the soles of your feet is a dream of the Lord, there are obstacles, but no harm, it is best to plan in detail before deciding. A child dreaming of locusts biting the bottom of your feet is a sign of mediocre luck, so keep your job and stay safe, otherwise you will have bad luck. To dream of being bitten by locusts in a paddy field during rice planting suggests that there will be a villain in the business venture. Case study of dreaming of a leech Dream description: I had a dream this morning and it was quite scary. The dream started like this: I started to persuade an old man, who was a farmer, that I should persuade them to grow civet pelts. (Note: civet pelts are a new type of thing in dreams that have the texture of animal pelts, but are grown like plants. In the process of persuasion, passing through the water field, there are many leeches in the water field, barefoot on top of the leeches, leeches sucked into the foot and swam to the calf (similar to science fiction films in which people are infected with a new species that moves under the skin and protrudes from the surface), very scared, seeking help from many people, all useless. Then to a place like an underground cave, an organ opened the ground cover, see a golden light inside, many Guanyin Bodhisattva jade pendant, very neatly placed one by one. Someone brought the same thing and put it on my leg where there were leeches, and soon the leeches were sucked out and bled out. The person brought another thing like a wine glass to help me suck another leech (this one at the ankle, larger), sucked out the thing is actually green. Just when I was puzzled, someone in reality called and turned into my husband sucking leeches for me, using a vacuum compression pump (usually I pack my clothes, he helps me pump the compression bag). To this dream woke up, please dream interpretation experts or people who know psychology to help solve it, thank you! Dream Analysis: Leeches, also known as leeches, grow in rice fields and rivers and live by sucking the blood of animals such as humans, animals and other waterfowl or frogs and turtles. What is the connection between dreaming of leeches and a woman losing her fortune? Because normal young women have menstruation and will lose blood, and leeches are a vampire, so a woman dreaming of leeches means a double loss of blood. To dream of leeches means something is about to be lost, a loss of something. If a woman dreams of leeches, she may lose her money. But if you dream of leeches stuck to your legs, instead of loss, you will have gains coming in."