Dreaming of leeches

What does dreaming of leeches mean? How about dreaming of leeches? Dreaming of leeches has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of leeches foretells that the benefits you could have gained will be destroyed by your enemies. If you dream that someone puts a medical leech on you in order to cure a disease, then someone in your family will get very sick (if you yourself can be spared). To dream of putting a medical leech on someone indicates that a friend will get sick or that a friend is in trouble. Dreaming of leeches biting you foretells that you will encounter danger unexpectedly, be sure to beware of this dream warning. A woman dreaming of leeches may lose her money. Dreaming of leeches sticking to your legs, you will have a good dream that you will have a good income coming in and an increase in the income of your staff. To dream of locusts is a sign that you will have troubles recently, though small, but troublesome. Dreams of leech, loach, leech, etc. are all yin and slippery things, and are of yin nature. From the Western study, "The Interpretation of Dreams" points out that snakes, loach, eels, ropes and other long stripes refer to sex in the psychological implication, and favor men with aggressiveness. Men dreaming of leeches, you must have something bad in your career, you met a powerful character, but this dream has told you that you have to be bold and careful, the final winner is you, snakes and loaches are both Yin slippery things, Yin, is in the dark to harm you, but your dream is very clever to crack this obstacle, has nothing to do with thinking about sex. Dreaming of locusts sucking blood, there will be misunderstandings between friends. Due to the misunderstanding of an inadvertent remark, it is likely to be blamed by friends and relatives. However, if you make an effort to explain the misunderstanding clearly, it will not be difficult to get friendship. A woman dreaming of locusts sucking blood indicates your luck during this period, everything will go well. Running a business with someone can be successful. You should make friends with people and avoid disputes with them. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Leeches, the main woman lost money. The "Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou"