Dreaming of lice on your body

Dreaming of lice on your body what does it mean? How about dreaming that you have lice on your body? Dreaming of lice on your body has a realistic impact and reaction, but also the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The lice in your dream symbolize the stupidity or stubbornness of others, which will bring you a lot of trouble or loss. If you see lice in your dream, the situation will be unfavorable to you and you need to beware of being backstabbed. To dream that you have lice on your body represents that you will behave rudely to your acquaintances. To dream that you killed or got rid of a louse is a sign that an annoying situation will end and you will have good luck. Dreaming of lice all over your clothes is a bad omen, suggesting a patient in the family or causing an accident, a sign of disturbed and disturbed mind. To dream of catching lice by yourself is a sign of illness, and also indicates that you will develop sick habits. The employee has lice on himself and is in danger of being fired. If you are still fond of the job, you should work harder to prevent being fired. A businessman with lice on his own body is a sign that he will lose money, suggesting that business will suffer losses. Be careful with your recent investments. Case study of dreaming that you have lice on your body Dream description: I dreamed that I had lice crawling all over my body and I threw the lice that I caught aside. Dream analysis: lice are annoying and represent loss, and dreaming of lice on your body means that you will lose your money."