Dreaming of lizards

What does it mean to dream of lizards? How about dreaming of lizards? Dreaming of lizards has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a lizard foretells an enemy attack on you. A man dreaming of a lizard may foretell that your property is being spied on by bad people and that you should beware of villains. A woman dreaming of a lizard should pay attention to her health and hygiene, foretelling that you may suffer from gynecological diseases. To dream of a dead lizard is a good thing, foretelling that your troubles and difficulties will become a thing of the past. To dream of a lizard that was killed but still crawling on your body means you will recover your health and be strong. To dream that you kill a lizard is a sign that you will regain your previously lost fame or wealth. If you dream that a lizard succeeds in escaping, it foretells that you will suffer troubles and torments in love or career. To dream of stepping on a dead lizard, or a lizard falling onto oneself from a roof to be high up, foretells that one and one's family may meet with disasters or have bad luck, etc. A woman dreaming of a lizard crawling up her skirt or scratching her indicates that she will meet with misfortune and will be sad. Her husband will be the target of disease and it is possible that she will become a widow and live alone in the world and will have difficulty making ends meet without working herself. Dreaming of a lizard crawling, you will make mistakes in your actions. Maybe you brought all the wrong textbooks because you misremembered the day of the week, or you mixed salt in your coffee, etc. Most of the mistakes are caused by negligence."