Dreaming of locusts

What does it mean to dream of locusts? How about dreaming of locusts? Dreaming of locusts has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Locusts in dreams usually indicate a capricious and mischievous nature deep inside. Dreaming of locusts is also associated with absentmindedness, lack of consideration, carelessness and flattery. To dream of locusts may also be warning you against risky speculation. If the dreamer is a doctor, you should be especially careful of outbreaks of infectious diseases in your place of residence. Dreaming of a large swarm of locusts is inauspicious and foretells that you may get an infectious disease and you should be more careful in your eating life. To dream of a large swarm of locusts flying over a place where greenery will soon be invisible, foretells that infectious diseases will spread rapidly, so be careful to take precautions. To dream that you kill locusts predicts that you will not be infected and that you will be able to prevent diseases well by yourself. If you dream of catching locusts, it means you have good luck in purchasing and you may be able to buy discounted items in the near future. To dream of crows eating locusts indicates that the dreamer will receive help from friends in his career or will receive external help to eliminate infectious diseases. Dreaming that locusts are destroyed, infectious diseases will be effectively controlled and life and property will be safe. A woman dreaming of locusts foretells that she will fall in love with a narrow-minded person. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreams of locusts flying like Chen Yun, lucky. Dreams of this person is the main disaster and get off, in case of danger and rescue. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dreaming of locusts flying on the water surface is very auspicious. This dream is about getting great wealth and becoming rich. The noble dream of this, for the sky Lu Lu increase; rich people dream of this, for the annual abundance of the omen; poor people dream of this, for the evil in the auspicious, desperate life. Locust flying in the field, into the water, then the field is also free of trouble. Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of locusts flying on the water. The Lord will be very rich and prosperous. If a poor person dreams of this, he will be able to survive in a desperate situation and get good fortune out of bad luck. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation To dream of locusts, the Lord's children and grandchildren will be prosperous and their fortune and longevity will increase. The Lord will have a prosperous son and a prosperous family. The Secretaries of Dreams Dreams of locusts flying away. If you dream of this in a deserted year, you will be saved from difficulties and danger. The Secretaries of Dreams Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Locusts usually symbolize free spirits and well-behaved disposition in dreams. In addition, since the locust plague scenario is deeply rooted in Western thinking, locusts can also indicate revenge against those who violate the law. Psychoanalysis: The locust is generally associated with flattery, absentmindedness and lack of consideration, and it symbolizes your lack of decision-making power. Spiritual symbolism: the locust is always associated with light and enlightenment in Chinese philosophy, and thus it can indicate spiritual freedom in dreams. In addition it can symbolize the revenge of the gods or the misuse of resources by humans."