Dreaming of loving animals and birds

Dreaming of loving animals and birds what does it mean? Do you dream of animals and birds? The dream of love animals and love birds has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of playing with the animals or birds you keep together, your wife will be gloomy due to poor health or inability to have children. Young unmarried men and women dreaming of domestic animals or birds will have a lot of worries about their marriage. Dreaming that you have a dog can prove that your family is your best helper in times of disaster. Dreaming of keeping a parrot, it turns out that friends make a living by recruiting remote and cheating. If you dream of keeping a painted eyebrow, there will be conflicts in your family and you will not stand up to each other. If you dream of keeping a cat, you will get rid of the disease. If you dream of raising rabbits, you will avoid the traps set by your enemies because you are careful with your words and actions. Dreaming of raising monkeys, you will make friends with scammers and lose a lot of money. Dreaming of killing a domestic animal will cheat a friend. If you dream that you lose the animal you have, your friend will cut you off."