Dreaming of many crabs

What does it mean to dream of many crabs? How about dreaming of many crabs? Dreams of many crabs have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. In the Zhou Gong dream interpretation, it is said that dreaming of crabs is the main reason why all illnesses will disappear, which means that you will live a long and healthy life after dreaming of crabs. However, psychologically speaking, dreaming of crabs indicates that you feel that there is a gap between your actual financial situation and your consumption needs; crabs represent high consumption, which means that you dream of crabs, indicating that you want to pursue a better quality of life, but you are currently shy; in addition, it does not exclude that you are a gluttonous cat, so you will also think of crabs in your dream and think about how to have a good meal. Dreaming of many big crabs, the main dream of the fetus, may be pregnant. To dream of crabs running rampant means that the dreamer's luck is gradually improving and difficulties will be overcome. Dreaming of crabs in a flock, career obstruction, there will be strong competitors appear, although not smooth sailing, but do not need to be presumptuous, wait patiently, you will set aside the clouds and see the moon. Case study of dreaming of many crabs Dream description: Last night I dreamed that I was in a cave with some people, and there were crabs in another mouth of the cave, so I caught two of them and cooked them to eat, and after I finished eating, there were many, many crabs, and the roof and feet of the cave were full of crabs, so we used wooden sticks to walk on the crabs, what happened? Dream interpretation: the dreamer finds the presence of his bad emotions and behaviors and finds a way to deal with them himself. The current reality is that the dreamer is adjusting his or her mind himself or herself."