Dreaming of many flies

What does it mean to dream of many flies? Is it good to dream of many flies? Dreaming of many flies has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Flies bring harassment to people and symbolize enemies who use indirect means to harm themselves and make small moves behind their backs. Dreaming of flies indicates that you will add to a unique party in the near future, and you will be happy to participate, but then you will run into something unexpected that will make you return home in defeat. Dreaming of many flies is a bad omen, foretelling that many poor things will happen in the near future. To dream of many flies means that there are more and more enemies and you should think of measures to stop making enemies. To dream of getting rid of flies means breaking through obstacles and achieving success in your career. To dream that many flies are gathering on food is a dream suggesting that you or your family members are sick. If you dream that there are many flies flying around, you will be likely to be tormented by someone or have a big strife. To dream of a swarm of flies fighting on their own is a sign of slander or false accusation and constant gossip or loss. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: Generally speaking, flies are something that are considered malevolent and burdensome. Their important role in helping to promote decay, like ants, is often overlooked. To dream of many flies requires you to analyze aspects of your life that you see as purely negative and recognize that they have a positive value after all. Individual insects are aimless in their activities, and insects only show their positive or negative effects when they swarm and pile up. Therefore, dreaming of swarms of flies means that you will be more productive and influential if you join a group. Psychoanalysis: Dreams of all kinds of flies will lead you to pay attention to spontaneous intuitive behavior, they are very important. What threatens you in general works from the lowest aspects of the force. Spiritual symbolism: from a spiritual point of view, dreaming of many flies symbolizes pollution and warns people to beware of diseases."