Dreaming of many monkeys

Dreaming of many monkeys, the five elements of this dream are gold, it is the development of career is too self, although there is good leadership, but there is trouble in the performance of the career, the autumn dream is auspicious, the spring dream is not auspicious. Single woman dreaming of many monkeys, is a person with love in her heart, but several people love to drape, not only care about one person, then the affection of the matter, the affair more, how to get true love. Women in love with this dream, then the feelings of unfavorable things from the entanglement with others, although there is a sincere like but with each other between the love of the difficult and, although the two have love will eventually go to break up. Single man dreaming of many monkeys, career obstacles are quite a lot, is around more villain is not good for your life. Do not be influenced by others, is to adhere to the heart of the business more smoothly, around there are a lot of hooked up people, to your career is not good. Get this dream and the people of the Rooster, the snake's cooperation career development is good, there are more peers with similar views, together to fight for a smooth life of meaning."