Dreaming of many pigs

What does it mean to dream of many pigs? How about dreaming of many pigs? Dreaming of many pigs has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of many pigs foretells that there will be some happy events in your family, or various commendations and good news, and there may be a baby in your family. An elderly person dreaming of many pigs indicates that you are happy and all things are going well during this period. Prospects for development and business prosperity. Do not be too good luck and pride or excessive laxity and slackness, otherwise bad luck. To dream of a sow with a herd of piglets foretells that one's wealth will increase or the family will increase in size. To dream of many pigs coming in, this is a sign of smooth resolution of unexpected things or a small investment bringing high returns. This is a blessing bestowed upon you by the Spirit and you will receive a considerable amount of wealth. To dream of a house full of pigs is an auspicious dream, symbolizing a bountiful harvest and foretelling a breakthrough in all aspects of the dreamer's life. Dreaming of a lot of pigs walking around foretells that you will be blessed in the recent period, doing things smoothly and easily succeed. To dream of chasing many pigs is a sign that your hard work for something may be in vain. To dream of many pigs coming towards you, it foretells that you may get some infectious diseases in the near future and need to pay more attention to your health. Dreaming of many pigs running away foretells that in the near future you may get some trouble at work or in life and thus feel troubled, so relax more. Dreaming of hounds chasing many pigs foretells that you need to be aware of the likelihood of thieves or robbers around you in the near future, so don't put too much money on your person. Dreaming of killing a lot of pigs for the catering house foretells that you may get some diseases in the near future, pay more attention to your body and internal organs. Dreaming of many pigs fighting foretells that some efforts such as things you have worked on before will make you fail and return."