Dreaming of monkeys in different states

What does it mean to dream of monkeys in different states? How about dreaming of monkeys with different demeanor? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of monkeys with different demeanors, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a monkey with different demeanor like a monkey in anger will lead to a verbal dispute with the neighbor and damage to the reputation. It is best to make a big deal out of a small one. Dreaming of a monkey in high spirits, an interrupted friendship will be restored again. Dreaming of a monkey with teeth and claws to pounce on you will break your family. If you dream that a monkey eats something, you will face poverty. Dreaming of a sleeping monkey, you are going to travel to a foreign country. To dream of a monkey returning to the mountain is a sign of winning, passing, or being elected in a competition, examination, or election. Dreaming of a monkey climbing up a tree or a hill, you will be able to rise to the top in your official career, or you will be favored by the opposite sex, and the fruit of love will be ripe. Dreaming that a monkey is intimate while trying to hug you is an auspicious omen for the star, a good fortune of soaring popularity. However, there is also the possibility of suffering bad words from the opposite sex or people around you. Dreaming of a monkey sliding on a banana peel after eating a banana, something worrisome occurs in the family and things planned do not get satisfactory results. To dream of a monkey performing in front of you is a sign of widespread recognition and elevated status in society. Dreaming of a monkey performing in front of others foretells that those who take part in acting recruitment exams will get good news. To dream of a monkey jumping is an ominous sign, suggesting that your partner's support for you is on the rocks and could easily leave you, leaving you a loner. Therefore, pay attention to make good relations with friends. A monkey walking or jumping back and forth in your dream makes you uneasy and foretells that you may encounter bad things, so beware of everything. To dream of a monkey jumping from one tree to another tree reminds you to beware of thieves and not to carry too much cash in the near future. Dreaming of a monkey squatting reminds you to take care of your health, you may fall ill and must be on guard against epidemics attacking you recently."