Dreaming of octopus octopuses

Dreaming of octopuses octopuses what does it mean? How about dreaming of octopus and octopuses? Dreaming of octopus and octopuses has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The octopus has many tentacles, symbolizing the deep inside, those things or experiences that make you fearful but feel impossible to get rid of. Dreaming of an octopus stretching its tentacles in all directions may foretell that you are going to get into a lot of trouble in your personal life and work. The octopus entangled itself in your dream, reminding you to beware of falling into an extramarital relationship, not good to get out. To dream of eating octopus indicates that the troubles that plagued you have passed. In addition, according to Western psychoanalysis, dreams of animals such as octopus and eels, and the implication of male sexual characteristics. The feeling of dreaming about fish, pleasure, or extreme disgust, could possibly reflect your current subconscious ideas about sex. Dream interpretation: The octopus has eight tentacles, so the octopus can be associated with a mandala (dream of a mandala). The tentacles have an important representative meaning, it symbolizes the fearful scenario because it is impossible to get rid of them. Psychoanalysis: Dreams of those magical and strange, but not easy to get close to the animal, that you should pay attention to certain qualities of your character. The octopus can stretch its tentacles in all directions, which is a hint that you should be concerned. Spiritual symbolism: On this level, the octopus symbolizes flexibility and agility. Case study of dreaming of octopus octopus Dream description: I was transformed into an octopus in my dream. After looking at the piles of documents on the table, I used my six extra feet to desperately try to handle the documents, but although I had the help of many feet for no reason, I couldn't make sense of it with the octopus' legs, so I was angry and threw everything away and hid my body under the table, refusing to come out. (Male, 27 years old) Dream Analysis: In real life, you may have endured too much work tasks in the company and exhaustion, so much so that you had to increase the working hours, and even most of the rest time also posted in order to barely complete the work, but you have not had the courage to reflect this matter to the company, a long period of overload work will produce the psychology of escape."