Dreaming of parasites

What does dreaming of parasites mean? How about dreaming of parasites? Dreams of parasites have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of parasites foretells that your health is not good, which makes you worry, and that you will be annoyed by enemies who will also bring you troubles. To dream that someone has a parasite suggests that one will be implicated in something. To dream of a parasite on your body suggests that you will be seriously ill in the near future and need to take care of your regimen. To dream of a dead parasite foretells an improvement in luck. To dream of a parasite burrowing into your arm means that something is wrong with your health. A businessman dreaming of parasites means that your rivals in business are putting a lot of pressure on you these days. An employee dreaming of a parasite means that he or she is not happy at work lately and is prone to health problems. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: To dream of parasites, such as lice, fleas or bedbugs, means that someone in real life wants to live their "parasitic" life on you. They may find your life more attractive than their own, and thus develop the idea of parasitism. Psychoanalysis: You may feel a sense of guilt or shame in your heart. You must understand very well that without outside support, you alone cannot solve any problem. Spiritual symbolism: on a spiritual level, the dream actually warns you not to be emotionally or spiritually attached to others."