Dreaming of pests

What does dreaming of pests mean? How about dreaming of pests? Dreams of pests have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of vermin indicates that recently there are many troublesome things and you will be in a bad mood. To dream of vermin wriggling is a sign that you will be troubled by illness and take on trouble from many worries. To dream of destroying a pest is a sign that the success you have longed for is coming. If you dream that you cannot destroy pests, then a cruel and unfortunate parting of life and death may come to you or your loved ones. Dreaming of vermin biting yourself is a sign that things are not going well and there is a blockage. No matter what kind of bug bites you dream of, it shows that you may be experiencing some kind of pain in some way, possibly emotional, physical also possible. If the bite is bleeding, it is another good omen, a sign of wealth, property will be beneficial. Dreaming of caterpillars makes you feel disgusting, which is an indication that many lewd villains have appeared in your periphery, and you should judge rationally and not let their lies and temptations deceive you, lest you be fooled. If you dream of catching locusts, your buying luck will turn better. Maybe you can buy a very cheap record through your friend's father's connection. Buy more, it's definitely worth it. Dreams of fireflies, is to indicate that your interpersonal relationships may have problems, this time if you are impatient, move to get angry, it is easy to conflict with people, so it is best to tolerate the response. To dream of fireflies in flight indicates that there will be problems with interpersonal relationships. This is a time when the heart is restless, not moving, angry, easy to clash with people, pay attention to forbearance. To dream of caterpillars wriggling on leaves indicates that mistakes in behavior will occur. Adventurous and imprudent behavior that is new and innovative should be avoided."