Dreaming of pets

What does dreaming of pets mean? Is it good to dream of a pet? Dreams of pets have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you killed a domestic animal or pet predicts that you will cheat your friends. To dream of losing an animal you have, it foretells that a friend may cut you off. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: People often neglect to care for each other in their waking state, and the pet that appears in the dream is a graphic expression of human nature that wants to love and be loved. Psychological analysis: You may realize in your heart that someone is in control of his destiny and life, and you can only act according to the arrangements of others. Your dream of keeping a pet may indicate that you wish to find a subject in a worse situation than yourself and give him care and comfort. Spiritual symbol: pets can be given unconditional love and care. They are very sensitive and can quickly experience the emotions and hurts in the human heart."