Dreaming of pigeons

What does it mean to dream of pigeons? How about dreaming of pigeons? Dreaming of pigeons has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The dove in the dream symbolizes peace, harmony and love. To dream of a wild pigeon foretells you will have financial luck. Dreaming of raising pigeons indicates that you have a good income and your family will increase in size. To dream that there are many pigeons foretells that you will have true friends who will live and die. A man dreaming of a pigeon indicates a comfortable life, affluence and comfort. A married woman dreaming of a pigeon foretells that she will get pregnant and give birth to a beautiful and healthy boy. If you dream of a pigeon in a cage, it means you can get someone else's hidden property. To dream of giving a pigeon to someone else foretells that you will become famous. To dream of a dead pigeon indicates that your money will be damaged. Dreaming of a cat biting a pigeon is unsettling and foretells that you may have to suffer a calamity. To dream of shooting a pigeon with a gun indicates that your troubles will become a thing of the past. To dream of a flying dove foretells a difficult situation. To dream of a pigeon being killed foretells the separation of a husband and wife, which may be due to the death of one of them, or due to betrayal. To dream that a pigeon flies away from one's hand foretells that one's wife will leave. A person who is a good gambler dreaming of a pigeon foretells that he will have a good hand and may win a lot of money. To dream of pigeons mating and nesting is a sign of world peace and happy family life for children who convey their gentle benevolence to all. Hearing the lonely and sad cry of a dove in your dream, you will be seeking help to save someone, but failing to save his life. You feel very sad and disappointed about his death. This dream also foretells the death of a predecessor. To dream of a white dove is a sign of a great harvest and great trust in the loyalty of friends. To dream of a flock of white doves foretells tranquility and pure happiness, as well as a smooth future. If a dove transmits a letter in the dream, it suggests that a distant friend will have good news, and also foretells sweet harmony between lovers. In a dream if the dove looks exhausted. It foretells that the news that makes people sad washes away the harmony and peace, or it may foretell that an otherwise pleasant mood becomes sad and depressed due to talking about an ill friend. If it is in career, it foretells that there will be some slippage in career. If a flying pigeon says your doom is near. It foretells that you yourself, or your loved ones, will probably suffer from a terminal illness, which will put you in financial difficulties. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dreaming of a pigeon carrying corn, it will give birth to a valuable son. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams To dream of eating a pigeon is auspicious. Marriage is harmonious, friends are cordial, farming is cooperative, business is profitable, the pedestrian's message will arrive, and the patient is cured of consumption. Dream Forest Interpretation When a pigeon is killed, the Lord is very evil. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Seeing a dove is a beautiful marriage. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou The doves in the hand fly, the main wife leaves. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Birds in dreams symbolize fantasies, thoughts and ideas, which must be expressed in an uninhibited manner. As early as in non-Christian times, man was interested in birds and flight. Once upon a time it was believed that birds were conveyors of spirits and that they had the corresponding magic and divine powers. Psychoanalysis: The bird in the dream expresses the human need to give human characteristics to objects and creatures other than yourself. A bird in a cage may signify restriction and wisdom. A bird flying freely represents thoughts and wishes, and possibly a mind that has risen to divine heights. A particularly flamboyant bird feather symbolizes your appearance and indicates how you see yourself in terms of your ways and attitudes. A flock of birds without direction embodies confusion over physical or material observations as opposed to spiritual requirements. Sometimes, birds can represent the feminine, free side of existence. The goldfinch shares the same representation as fire and thus symbolizes spiritual contemplation. The bird soaring high in the sky symbolizes spiritual enlightenment or the part of you that seeks knowledge. In a man's dream, the bird represents bestiality. In a woman's dream, the bird represents the spiritual self. The dove represents tranquility, a symbol of tranquility after a storm, and a symbol of the soul. The gentle side of human nature is expressed in dreams as doves. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, the bird in the dream represents the human soul. Case study of dreaming of pigeons [Dream Example 1]. Dream description: There should be no one in this world who doesn't like pigeons because they symbolize peace and tranquility, and I often dream about pigeons in my dreams. I dreamt that I was standing on green grass and many, many doves were flying around me and I felt so happy. (Female, 32 years old) Dream Analysis: The dream of a dove symbolizes peace and warmth. To dream of doves means happy family, loving husband and wife, children becoming successful. To dream of a flock of doves suggests a sudden trip or a friend coming from far away. To dream of a dove nesting is a sign of peace and tranquility, warmth and happiness. Dream example 2] Description of dream: Cao dreamed of drawing a white dove with crayons and chalk on a very large piece of paper for his favorite person. The white dove was flying on the sea with its wings spread, looking very athletic. Dream Analysis: To dream of drawing a white dove on a piece of paper for someone you like represents the dreamer's vision of the future and ideal of good things. It is a romantic and happy thing to be able to draw for someone you like, and it means that the dreamer will soon be able to realize the wish in his heart. The angel is able to fly because she has a light attitude towards life, and so should the dreamer. When the dreamer wakes up, he/she should leave the illusion in his/her mind and face the life in front of him/her with a more positive attitude, so that the future will surely be full of happiness and joy."