Dreaming of pigs

What does dreaming of pigs mean? Is it good to dream of a pig? Dreaming of pigs has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of an obese pig indicates a prosperous and vigorous career. On the contrary, if you dream of a thin pig, it means that the dreamer's recent family business is not good, a bit dark and depressed, and maybe someone in the family will give you trouble. To dream of a sow means that your wealth will accumulate. Dreaming of a pig turning into a man may have a lawsuit, you should be careful to avoid conflict with people, take a step back. Dreaming of a pig scratching, so there is a possibility of a fight, between colleagues and friends or strangers will ignite a war because of a little friction, which is very irrational. Keep in mind that to facilitate with others is to facilitate for yourself. Dreaming of pigs and pig poop, this is a rare opportunity in your life that may bring you considerable wealth and in the near future you will have a great deal of wealth. To dream of a house full of pigs symbolizes a bountiful harvest and foretells a breakthrough in work. To dream that your pig has escaped is a sign that you may have a difficult time coming. Dreaming of chasing a pig suggests that all the efforts you are making now may be in vain and it is best to change direction in time. To dream of riding on the back of a pig foretells progress in your love, but beware of falling into a love triangle. Dreaming of a pig pen on fire while also dreaming of a pig and fire is undoubtedly the luckiest of the lucky ones. It foretells that your future career will be smooth and you will be able to get an unexpected windfall. The dream of a pig as big as a yellow cow running into the house is not a dream of success in a career you have been passionate about bringing you rewards, but a sign of unexpected things or investments bringing you good fortune. The dream of riding a pig across a river, lake, river or sea is a good dream that suggests that getting rich or your career will bring you rewards, and the business you are engaged in or the investment you are making may have to achieve the desired goal. However, although you have been riding a pig across the river, the dream of being thrown down in the middle can be ominous. Dreaming of holding a piglet, that is securities, real estate investment will bring you unexpected fortune, money like a snowball, rolling bigger and bigger, this is a good dream to make a fortune, is a good opportunity given to you by God, you should take advantage of it! To dream of riding a pig, especially a wild boar, around is a sign of great good fortune, so the ongoing investment or business or a major success, or the possibility of gaining unexpected wealth. Dreaming of a pig leaning on you foretells that you may have some unexpected expenses that will bother you in the near future, such as treating yourself to a meal out of the blue. To dream of a pig lunging at you reminds you to take care of your hygiene and foretells you of the possibility of getting an infectious disease. To dream of a herd of pigs coming towards you is an omen for the smooth resolution of something unexpected or a small investment that brings high returns, which means you will gain a good amount of wealth. Dreaming of feeding pig feed predicts that you may make a big mistake due to carelessness and small oversights. For example, it is easy to arrange an important appointment, but you miss the opportunity because you forgot to bring your wallet, etc.. Be meticulous and careful in the near future. To dream of a pig's horn is a sign that you may get very bad news in the near future. Dreaming of a pig killing scene is an ominous sign that you may have a calamity, separation of flesh and blood, or have to spend a lot of energy dealing with troubles. To dream of a hound chasing a pig reminds you to be careful of theft or robbery. To dream of a sow with a herd of piglets foretells that the family may increase in size. Dreaming of a piglet eating a sow's milk, pay attention to your health, which foretells you the possibility of falling ill. Be careful not to be brave, everything should be done in moderation. To dream that you have turned into a pig is a sign that you may not end up well. A young woman dreaming of a pig means that her partner may be very rich. But he is jealous and greedy by nature. To dream that someone gives you a live pig or goat is a sign that you will have a happy event. You may receive a bride price, or you may realize one of your plans, or you may thank each other with friends and relatives. A pregnant woman dreaming of a black pig foretells that she will give birth to a son. A pregnant woman dreaming of a white pig foretells that she will give birth to a daughter. Zhou Yi dream interpretation A dream with a pig is an auspicious dream among auspicious dreams! Since ancient times, pig dreams have always been a symbol of wealth and good fortune, representing wealth and luck. There are many people who have dreamt of pigs among those who have won the lottery and made a fortune, and those who have made a fortune from an unexpected success. For example, there are dreams of pigs coming into the house and giving birth, or dreams of riding a big pig walking in the fields, etc. Therefore, pigs have always been considered to be animals symbolizing wealth. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation The two pigs compete for the head, and things will not work. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou To see someone kill a pig is auspicious. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Seeing a pig, the Lord will have a lot of good news. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Seeing a lost pig, breaking friendship. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Seeing a pig die on its own is a sure sign of bad luck. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Dreaming of a big sow. The dream of a government official is to be in charge of the warehouse; the dream of a commoner is to be rich in land and property. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation Dreaming that you have become a pig. This is an omen of not being allowed to die. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation If you dream of killing a fat pig, it is bad. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams If you dream of a pig, you are worried about seeing the government. The Dunhuang Book of Dreams Dream of a sow. If you dream of a sow, you will get a lot of livestock due to animal reproduction. It also indicates that many young creatures will be born. This is an auspicious dream with no ominous signs. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dream of a sow giving birth to a piglet. This is a dream of getting rich, but the dreamer will be in an auspicious place and no longer have auspicious things, and in an evil place will be more evil. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dream of a sow giving birth to a sheep chub. This dream is an omen for the repair of the well. The pig is Kan, the sheep belongs to Tui, and Tui that is Ze also, so the image is happy. The lamb is also anointed, its image for the soup, because of the draw for the soup, for people are pleased with the dream omen. Therefore, this is the dream of repairing the well. It is an image of yin giving birth to yang, and is an omen for the birth of a daughter. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dream of killing a pig, bad. This dream is an ominous omen, the main children and grandchildren will have a disaster, the separation of flesh and blood, involving parents. Dreams of pigs die for no reason, the dream omen is the same, but there is revenge to destroy revenge, slightly different. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dreams of the body into the shape of a pig, evil. The person who dreamed this is his original face, this will not be allowed to die. People who have the appearance of a pig do not end well, let alone dreaming of their true face. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dreaming of a boar crossing a river is auspicious. This dream is an omen of a great drought in the year of the Lord, but also for the difficulties and prosperity. To dream of a boar crossing the river is an omen for the elimination of disasters; to dream of a boar crossing the river is a banquet of wine and food. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dream boar in the clouds descending from the human house. The hog is said to be a pig, said dolphin, said Kan Feng of the genus, said the animal of water and soil, said the taste of fat and sweet. Where the dream of boar, the fate of this heaven, the image of the big for life for death, and small for sickness for litigation, if the boar from the sky, it is the birth of a man, the blessing of a family. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dreaming of a pig being killed and revived. This is the main criminal prison matters, or imprisoned for no reason, or death penalty met with pardon, or persistent injustice is not resolved. The death of a son means that he will have another son. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation Dream of a pig being killed and reborn. This dream is an omen of criminal and prison matters. There is the case of being imprisoned for nothing, there is the case of a long-standing grievance that is not resolved, there is the case of being pardoned for a capital crime, and there is also the case of a son being born after a death. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests Dreaming of a pig's foot is bad. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests The one who kills the pig boar is very lucky; one says that it is very unlucky. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou When a pig pounces on the body, the Lord is infected with an illness. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou The pig escapes and difficulties come. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou When a pig becomes a man, official duties will come. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Pigs walking around, lucky stars. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Those who chase pigs, their efforts are in vain. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: Animals in dreams represent that part of the personality that can only be understood intuitively. An animal with young is a symbol of motherhood and motherhood. Young animals indicate that you care about the innocent part of yourself or the children around you. A wounded young animal indicates that you may be aware of difficulties in your maturation process or on your way to accepting life. Dreams of animals being eaten may symbolize "demons" of your own creation, which you can conquer only when you "devour" them. Fairy-like, talking, intimidating or intelligent animals are symbolic of animals who are unaware of the power they have created. They do not rebel against this power, because their intelligence is pure and simple. It is important to notice the forgiving and patient character of the animal in fairy tales and dreams, because you have to connect with this aspect of the character in yourself. Helpful animals symbolize how the subconscious mind creates those helpful images within. These animal images make you receptive to help. Taming a wild animal or training it to be useful indicates your instinct to try to suppress and make good use of it. If you dream of finding a place to hide from a wild animal, it means that you have an instinct to fight against the dangerous and harmful animals in your life. You must think about the appropriateness of your behavior. Psychoanalysis: If you notice pressing needs in your psyche, the animals that symbolize these needs will appear in your dream. Spiritual Symbol: The pig represents ignorance, stupidity, selfishness and overeating in Western beliefs. Your ego may gradually become aware of the repulsive character you possess. Without this awareness it is impossible to eliminate and control this character. Pigs and jewelry indicate the conflict between lower needs and spiritual values. A litter of piglets symbolizes the harvest, although sometimes in an unsatisfactory way, because the sow herself may have a destructive character. The male boar represents the typical alpha male and thus in the woman's dream it symbolizes the negative Animus. you may be running away from an argument in which you should have been bolder and more intense. Case study of dreaming of a pig Dream Description: Growing up in the countryside, I was familiar with everything in the farming world. I dreamed that I came home and walked into the courtyard and found that my family had dozens of pigs, fat and strong, and when I saw these, I asked my mother, "Mom, you are too tired after raising these pigs." (Male, 30 years old) Dream Analysis: Pigs in dreams have different interpretations depending on the dream context. To dream of a clean pig, it foretells that you will have unusual success; to dream of a wild pig, it reminds you to beware of the rumors and flies spread by the villains. To dream of a fat pig means that your career will be very lively. On the contrary, it means small troubles at home. To dream of a room full of pigs is a sign of a good harvest this year; to dream that you are feeding pigs is an indication that you are running into prosperity."