Dreaming of radicals

What does dreaming of radicals mean? Is it good to dream of radicals? Dreams of radicals have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a camel and a leopard getting a reprint. To dream of a radical is a sign that you are interested in profound ideas, wisdom and logical thinking, aspire to higher education and advanced learning, or perhaps you want to go on a long trip or go abroad, or further your studies to expand your experience. A middle-aged person dreaming of a radical foretells that he or she should know the time and quietly wait for the right moment. To dream of a radical is a sign that you are unhealthy or in a bad mood. Finding a worm in your dream is a sign of your poor health or unhappy mood. A single person dreaming of being bitten by a radish foretells that your love affair is going well. To dream of being bitten by a radical, it foretells good interpersonal relationship. You can get along well with old and new friends. Dreaming of a radical biting itself and bleeding is another auspicious omen, a sign of fortune, and the property will be beneficial."